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Vitaseal, your Sealing Tape System

Vitaseal is the "4 in 1" sealing tape solution offering thermal and acoustic wall and window insulation as well as airtightness and watertightness.

"One of the main principle leading to a good insulation is to create an airtight envelope around the house"

Dwelling Thermal Losses

Typical air leakage in traditional construction

Most of air leakages in buildings are due to poor insulation between openings, windows and walls. Vitaseal sealing system expands to perfectly fill these voids with 600Pa minimum watertightness, airtightness, thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Available in multiple thicknesses and widths, Vitaseal is suitable for gaps up to 40mm.

See on the right, how Vitaseal sealing tape system can be used as a window sealant.

Potential Air Leakage Paths
Vitaseal, an easy to use sealing tape system

Building Regulations

Building Regulations are constantly being amended. Part L of the regulations has seen many changes and is becoming increasingly stringent on different levels, including air permeability.

Future changes to the regulation include a Carbon Emissions target of zero, for new dwellings from 2016.

Element 2006 2010
Roof 0.25 0.20
External Wall 0.35 0.30
Party Wall N/A 0.20
Floor 0.25 0.25
Windows 2.20 2.00
Air Permeability 10 10

Improving Standards

In the article on 'Perimeter sealing of doors and windows' published in the NHBC Standards Extra June 2010 it is observed that three key factors come into play to maintain performance and durability being weathertightness, airtightness and insulation.

It is recognised that foam tapes with a minimum 600 Pa rating provide the necessary performance criteria together with the flexibility required for movement to meet today's exacting standards.

Download the article 'Perimeter sealing of doors and windows'