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Vita Cellular Foams

Vita was formed over 60 years ago as British Vita and operates across the globe with close to 40 sites in 13 countries. The Group is a worldwide leader in a wide range of markets including automotive, construction, media and packaging, transportation and furniture.

Vitec is a division of Vita Cellular Foams. We specialise in the development, manufacture and conversion of technical foam products. Our diverse range of solutions include acoustic, thermal, filtration and electro conductive foams for use within a wide range of industries.

Tramico is a subsidiary of Vita Group with manufacturing in France. Tramico has been a major supplier of polyurethane foams for over 50 years.

We manufacture and convert a wide range of cellular materials for acoustic insulation, water proofing and air filtration applications as well as supplying filling and lining foams for the furniture industry.

The main product applications are for: automotive, construction, furniture and bedding, and other industries.

Consistent supply and control is ensured through total control from concept to completion, a discipline that has helped secure long-term customer relationships and partnerships.

A Vita Group Product